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Our Menu in Photos

Because cuisine is also enjoyed with the eyes, we invite you to discover our photo version of the menu ⬇️

PS: be careful, we work a lot on the slate with fresh, daily suggestions, so certain products may sometimes be unavailable (but don't worry, we're sure to have something to please you!)

Mozzarella Burrata from Puglia image

Mozzarella Burrata from Puglia

Sharing Plate image

Sharing Plate

Marrow Bone Duo image

Marrow Bone Duo

Lobster Rolls / Coup de ❤️ image

Lobster Rolls / Coup de ❤️

Spit Chicken 800gr image

Spit Chicken 800gr

Homemade Focaccia image

Homemade Focaccia

Frog legs in Persillade (x6) image

Frog legs in Persillade (x6)

Oscietra caviar (France) 30g  image

Oscietra caviar (France) 30g

Plan B Poke Bowl image

Plan B Poke Bowl

Garlic & Parsley Giant Squid Tentacles image

Garlic & Parsley Giant Squid Tentacles

Porcini & White Truffle Ravioli image

Porcini & White Truffle Ravioli

Plan B Beef Tartare image

Plan B Beef Tartare

Plan B Tuna Tartare image

Plan B Tuna Tartare

Black Angus Beef Tomahawak image

Black Angus Beef Tomahawak

“Tex-Mex” Beef Ribbs 🇲🇽 image

“Tex-Mex” Beef Ribbs 🇲🇽

The Vegetarian image

The Vegetarian

Julius (Caesar)  image

Julius (Caesar)

Gambas Géante Black Tiger 250g image

Gambas Géante Black Tiger 250g

Mémé Thérèse’s Lasagna image

Mémé Thérèse’s Lasagna

Corsican Beef Tartare (200G) image

Corsican Beef Tartare (200G)

Veal Escalope, Cream & Mushrooms image

Veal Escalope, Cream & Mushrooms

Flank Beef with Shallot (250G) image

Flank Beef with Shallot (250G)

Grilled Beef Entrecôte (300G) image

Grilled Beef Entrecôte (300G)

Chuck Flap Black Angus 250g

French toast style brioche image

French toast style brioche

Tiramisu (Italian Mascarpone Granarolo)  image

Tiramisu (Italian Mascarpone Granarolo)

Chocolate Finger image

Chocolate Finger

Gourmet Coffee or Tea image

Gourmet Coffee or Tea

Gourmet Digestion image

Gourmet Digestion

La Coupette Gourmande image

La Coupette Gourmande

Profiteroles Maison Bounty image

Profiteroles Maison Bounty

The Colonel Cup image

The Colonel Cup

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